icon Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) & Internet of Things (IoT)

SMAC takes advantages of the positive disruption it creates in enterprises through its rapid pace of innovations and enables organizations to achieve unparlleled value for their IT investments

SAMC encapsulates four major componnents of the data management ecosystem from a business point of view.

icon   Social media to boost member management.
icon   Mobile devices to keep audience on the go.
icon  Analytics extract meaning from your data to deliver transformative insights and value.
icon   Cloud computing to simplify IT management.

Social & Mobile are the points of interaction, while Analytics and Cloud are leveraged from the backend to gain meaningful insights and support digital infrastructure requirements.

Synergy with technology :

icon  Social presence and Mobile interactions has increased audience engagement and has created massive amounts of data.
icon  Cloud-based infrastructure which supports big data at ease and has greater processing power.
icon  Analytics & Cloud allow businesses to manage the storage, distribution, processing and derive meaningful analysis of data.

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